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Elinca Electronic Corporation is a Process Automation and Control System Integrator company, we provide and implement sophisticated solutions for industrial processes.


Elinca has become a trusted partner within the Agriculture, Food, Beverage and Animal Nutrition industry, over more than 25 years we have helped our customers to get the most value of their assets, increasing production, safety, process reliability, reducing downtimes and labor costs.


In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, Elinca has demonstrated the highest level of commitment to our customer, being recognized as an experienced and dedicated Systems Integrator, for continuous and batching processes.

About us




Our mission is increasing our customers' process reliability and safety, optimizing and increasing production, while decreasing labor costs and reducing downtimes. All this in turn will contribute to support our clients' business sustainability.


Our goal on every project is to answer our customers' needs, enabling them to thrive in today's competitive global market.





At Elinca Electronic Corporation, our vision is to become a world leader in the supply of high quality solutions for industrial control and automation, for customers that demand challenges and improvements in their industrial processes, through the application of adaptable, reliable and user-friendly systems that we are dedicated to designing and create for the development of their businesses, the wellbeing of the people affected by those innovations and the professional growth of our employees. 


Quality policies 

Provide solutions with our products and services, that satisfy with quality the needs and expectations of our customers, free of defect, with deliveries in the established times and that their relation price value are competitive, so that our name is synonymous of quality and reliability .

The constant training of our human talent in order to increase the quality of our service, to consolidate our sense of responsibility and to be more competitive.

Provide solutions that are both at the forefront of the latest technological changes, and, above all, that fit the requirements of our customers in the application of friendly and acceptable systems.


High quality


Total communication


ISA-S88 Batch Process
ISA-106 Continuos Process
ISA-5.1 Instrumentation Symbols and Identification
ISA-5.3 Graphic Simbols for Distributed Control/Shared Display Instrumentation
ISA-5.4 Instrument Loop Diagrams
ISA-5.5 Graphic Simbols for Process Display

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