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Whether the project is a new development, a minor modification to an existing facility, or any scope in between, Elinca Electronic will provide the engineering, drafting, and project services that you need.

Integrating the latest industry technologies available, we are able to take our customer’s concept and develop a practical, fully functional, and economical solution.

System integration - Elinca

System Integration 


As a system integrator Elinca designs and implements sophisticated control systems for manufacturing, continuous and batch industrial process, specialized in food and beverage industry. With our highly qualify and experienced team, we help industry to improve process control, increase safety, reduce cost, increase production and save energy.


Advancing PLC programming - Elinca

Advanced PLC Programming

We have a highly qualified team of professional with the experience to handle different trademarks such as Rockwell, Modicon, Schneider Electric and Siemens.​

Our programmers build robust and hierarchy programs, easily modifiable, diagnosable. All our programs are documented.

HMI and Scada designs - Elinca

HMI and SCADA Designs 


High performance HMI / Scada design improves your process efficiency and help operators to perform their tasks and make decisions when required. Some characteristics you can find in our designs are:
-Easy and friendly interface.
-Intuitive Software interface.
-Screen and navigation hierarchy
-Prevent Operator Mistakes.
-Decision support.
-Intelligent warnings and alarms management.
-Network Diagnostic.


Networks and Fieldbuses - Elinca

Networks and Fieldbuses

Networks allow easy integrations of distributed I/O station, instrumentation, HMI, all controlled and monitored from a central control center or PLC. Our design are robust, secure, scalable and diagnosticable from the HMI interface.
We also have experience with network redundancy and  classified areas.

Control panel assembly - Elinca

Control Panel Assembly

Regardless it is a small panel or a big project with hundreds IO, Motors, and Instrumentation, our panels meet all the UL508A and NEC requirements. We have over 25 years of control panel fabrication experience. Our mechanical and electrical designs are developed using high-performance software. Our client will dispose of highly quality documentation, drawings, and wiring diagrams.

Batching systems - Elinca

Batching Systems (ISA S88) 


The ISA S88 Batch Control Standard is a worldwide recognized and consistent standard for automation that reduces the engineering cost for automation, it is a powerful tool for operations managers and can serve as a common language for engineering and operations.

We have experience developing solutions using S88, going from process modeling through recipes design, to implementation and startup.


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